Gigapocalypse (Xbox One) Review with stream

A side-scrolling kaiju simulator, Gigapocalypse is a retro-inspired action game with RPG elements. Despite the grindy nature, the die-and-try-again gameplay is encouraging thanks to the wealth of unlockables.

Playing as the monster of your choosing, your beast is constantly moving from left to right. It is your job to decimate each city by smashing every building, helicopter, and vehicle that gets in your way. Since the kaiju is self-moving, the player controls a cursor that is used to aim ranged attacks.  Beware, however, because each attack drains your rage meter. Button mashing will leave you defenseless and waiting for the slow regeneration to fill with enough juice to launch that next attack. Instead, you need to make each attack count since destroying buildings and enemies restores the meter, encouraging combos.

After a dozen attempts, I still couldn’t beat first stage. Even if you don’t complete a level, the player earns some experience that can be used in the main hub.  Each of the nine playable monsters have numerous skills to unlock and upgrade. The only problem is most upgrades are expensive so players will need to be choosey with each selection. Upgrades allow the player to inch forward over the last attempt. So even though I couldn’t finish that first stage, I got a little further each time. Strangely enough, I beat the second stage, boss included, on my first attempt on my embedded stream here. Not sure why the first stage is so difficult…

Between stages, the player is taken to a hub screen where each beast can be upgraded. Strangely, the center of the screen features your kaiju in baby-form and is treated like a digital Tamagotchi pet for some reason. So you’ll need to pet it, which earns extra currency, and feed it meat hunks. After feeding it, of course you’ll need to clean up the poop.  Honestly, I don’t understand why this is even in the game as it doesn’t add anything other than babysitting busy work. The opening segment for each playable monster also acts as a confusing tutorial where they get transported through time. The story and digi-pet modes are overly weird and doesn’t really fit into the smash-everything gameplay.

There are also quirks too. Like the game will assign you Quests, that reward the player with bonus upgrading points, but for using abilities you have not unlocked yet. The default volume level is also really loud without a way to adjust. The options menu only allows for the audio to be turned off/on. So streamers beware.

Gigapocalypse deserves credit for putting a new spin on classic Rampage gameplay. Although it misses the mark on several fronts, the crazy amount of unlockables becomes the main draw even though the gameplay isn’t exactly the most balanced and the digital pet portion doesn’t make any sense.

SCORE: 6/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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