Demolish & Build (PS4) Review

Demolish & Build by Ultimate Games is now available on Playstation consoles, ported from the original Switch and Xbox release. Unfortunately, it still runs like garbage, possibly even worse than the original Switch version, making it borderline unplayable. 

A first-person perspective game running with a low double digit framerate is a chore, causes frustrations, and has a good chance at making players seasick. Also, load times are long and even the loading animations will freeze making it seem like the game is soft locked. Draw distance is also displayed with plenty of pop-in. For me, the worst part is the lack of a camera invert option. Since I am an inverter and there is no option to do so, this game is literally unplayable to me. 

It is a shame this game runs so poorly on a technical level because the gameplay loop has some decent potential.  Starting as a broke construction worker, completing handyman jobs earns cash which is used to buy better gear which in turn unlocks more contracts. Busting bricks with big sledgehammer swing is also fun mostly because of the satisfying sound effects of destruction. Tapping a button also gives the player x-ray vision to identify the objectives that need completing. So there are some bright spots in this broken mess. 

Demolish & Build is one of those games where you can see the potential but doesn’t hit the mark. If the backend ran with more fluidity and included an invert option, it wouldn’t be so bad despite having a clunky interface. Perhaps a sequel will release one day to remedy these issues. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to playing co-op PowerWash Simulator

SCORE: 2.5/10

Not As Good As: other simulators out there

Better Than: getting hurt on an actual construction site

Wait For It: a sequel that fixes all the shortcomings of this original 

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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