Demolish & Build Classic (Switch) Review

A couple years ago, Ultimate Games released Demolish & Build on Switch, PC, and Xbox.  At the time, it was one of the better sim titles, a genre that Ultimate Games almost exclusives releases. Unfortunately, this sequel, Demolish & Build Classic, is more of the same only it runs even worse.

Like so many other cleaning/building sims, it is your job to perform mundane tasks to earn money that can be spent to buy better equipment to perform larger mundane tasks.  A literal chore simulator, Demonlish & Build does have a few bright spots, like the gameplay loop of constantly upgrading and unlocking things isn’t bad, but the overall performance is a joke. In fact, the game chugs so poorly that I feel bad for the game, like it is having a heart attack and stroke at the same time.

Running at an inconsistence low double digit frame rate, I started to get seasick after playing for 10 minutes because the camera and movement is so choppy.  Making matters worse, the frequent and long load times hold back the experience from being what is ultimately could be. At least some of the sound effects, like smashing rubble with your sledgehammer, is oddly satisfying.

Like the original, the UI is a little cumbersome and overly complicated while the visuals are barely above PSOne quality. Also, this game is basically unplayable for me as there is no option into invert the camera.  The stock rock music isn’t bad but it is out of place and I ran into a few glitches that forced me to restart to an earlier save; it is never good when that bulldozer, a machine that is required to complete a job, suddenly gets stuck for no reason. 

Even though this sequel is more of the same, the original is still better because it is in a more playable state… which is a bold statement because the original was also loaded with presentation issues. It is a shame because out of all the sim titles that Ultimate Games has released, Demolish & Build is one of the higher quality games as the gameplay loop has some sustenance.  If only it didn’t run like an early PS3 game trying to work on a PS1.

SCORE: 5/10

Not As Good As: Train Station Renovation

Better Than: War Truck Simulator

Stay Away From: Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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