War Truck Simulator (Switch) Review

War Truck Simulator is the latest “simulator” title to be published by Ultimate Games S.A. Unlike their car mechanic sims, this is a driving simulator with the goal of safely reaching an end point. Unfortunately, this truck simulation suffers from the same problems as most of the other Ultimate Games titles; it simply isn’t fun.

The worst part about driving this truck is that is feels like a tank and has no response time. The opening tutorial stage tries to introduce players to the control scheme and mission objectives but I managed to fail it with seconds because I ran over a mindless soldier who thought it was a good idea to randomly walk right behind a large truck as it is moving. After numerous attempts, I was not able to complete the opening tutorial because one mistake and it forces a full restart.  Luckily, the intro stage can be skipped so the player can access the game proper.

Without a detailed mapping system, it is very easy to get lost, turned around, and totally confused on where to go or what to do.  This problem is multiplied by some of the worst pop-in the eShop has to offer.  The fog is so thick and the draw distance is so short you think you are driving through Silent Hill.  The load times are also long and the text bubbles are poorly written.  The soundtrack, which I am pretty sure are tunes found in the public domain, are composed of hard rock music one track then transitions into 50s dance tunes. Nothing here really makes any sense and there is no consistency.

War Truck Simulator uses the same engine as most other Ultimate Games sim titles and features all the same annoyances and flaws.  War Truck Simulator sure makes war seem ugly despite the lack of battles in this downloadable title. There are better simulator driving titles out there if you need to get a fix.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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