Dead Dungeon (Xbox One) Review

Dead Dungeon is the latest Super Meat Boy clone, offering 50 single screen stages of challenging platforming. Although very simple in both presentation and gameplay (you only use the analog stick and the “A” button to jump and double jump – there isn’t even wall jumping), it requires skills to see the end.

The objective is to reach the exiting doorway of each stage in the shortest amount of time, avoiding enemies and hazards along the way. In order to open the exit, the player must first hit a white switch which is often tucked behind a series of challenging platforms. Adding to the replay value are optional collectables and a couple of secret stages. It is nothing you have not done a million times before and remains as basic as can be but each stage is actually winnable.  Clearing the few dozen stages might only take a few hours but it is actually strangely refreshing to be able to finish one of these purposely high challenging platformers without requiring top-tier skills and tenacity. Unfortunately, all stages must be completed in sequential order so if you are having trouble with one particular stage, the player is forced to muscle through it instead of skipping it and coming back later.

There isn’t much to Dead Dungeon, and it only costs a few bucks, so it wouldn’t be fair to knock it too hard.  The simple graphical style doesn’t do itself any favors and the electronic chiptunes constantly loop from one track to another at an annoying pace but at least the difficulty balance strikes a decent chord and the leaderboard feature offers stiff competition.

SCORE: 6/10

Is Basically The Same Exact Game As: Awesome Pea  
Not As Good As: your 4th favorite platformer  
Wait For It: a $0.99 sale price

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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