Bus Driver Simulator (Switch) Review

Not to be confused with the longer running Bus Simulator series, Bus Driver Simulator is published by Ultimate Games S.A. and developed by KishMish Games. Although I didn’t find much entertainment doing virtual work bussing people around town in Bus Simulator, at least it functioned. Bus Driver Simulator on the other hand doesn’t even work and hard to imagine how it was allowed to be published on the eShop.

The first task the player is asked to do is drive 20 feet to pick up the first set of passengers waiting at the bus stop. However, the bus will not move. Not only did I hit every button on my Pro Controller, I also tried every button combination to no avail.  Using my knowledge of Bus Simulator, I tired flicking buttons/switches/gears from the first person perspective while in the driver’s seat but that also didn’t yield any results. The game never instructs the player how to play or what button to hit either.  After struggling for 20 minutes, I gave into my frustration and quit. Boy are those passengers going to be late but luckily I do not care. Perhaps there will be patch so you can actually play the game but still doubt the game would be any fun even if it did function and all DLC is included from the PC version.

SCORE: 1/10

Not As Good As: Walking to your destination
Let’s Hope For: Hovercraft Simulator  
Wait For It: Segway Simulator

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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