Bones of Halloween (Xbox One) Review with stream

Bones of Halloween is a simple, single-player arena shooter released at a budget friendly price of $5. For a game that only costs a few bucks, there is a decent amount of mindless fun to be had.

Unfortunately, Bones of Halloween is literally unplayable for be because of one silly reason – no option to invert the Y axis. Yes, I am inverter. Meaning, I push down when I want to look up just like flight controls. Budget release or not, I am not sure how it is possible to release an FPS and not have this option available. Maybe it will be patched later but it is mind boggling how this staple option is not included.

However, if you are a non-invert player, the short burst gameplay does have a few bright spots despite being very simple. Placed in a dark graveyard setting, the player must defend against pumpkin headed monsters that never stop respawning. Killing an enemy causes them to drop gold. Gold can then be optionally spent to buy weaponry that appears in random parts of the map, indicated by a dot on the radar. These powered up weapons have limited ammo but has just enough variety to keep gameplay a little more action packed and fun. The rocket launcher, for example, will damage you if not careful. The radar is also helpful as well as the sound effects the enemies make as an indicator to the player.

The lack of options is a bit of a letdown, like not having online leaderboards or precious camera options, and there is no co-op, but it is hard to complain when it only costs a few bucks. There are different modes, despite them all being slight variations, and there is a challenge mode for added replay value though. At the same time, Achievement hunters will want to take note as it doesn’t take much to unlock them all, that is, if you are a non-Y axis inverter. 

SCORE: 6/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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