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I have not bought anything at BestBuy (BB) in a really long time.  Like, it has been years.  There is a reason for that. They suck.  Their prices are way high and when you do want to buy something, they are out of stock.  I hate Best Buy.

For the first time in about a year, I made the conscious decision to go to BB to purchase the God Of War Origins Collections which was on sale this week for $25.  The only reason that I was going to make this purchase was because of the countless spam emails I get every week telling me that I can save 10% on any video games or video game accessories, the game was on sale, and I had a gift card with a few bucks on it.   Here is what happened:

My trip to the BB #1 was quite disappointing as they were out of stock even though their website said that they were in stock.  Ok, yeah, strike number one. Thank you for wasting my time and gas BB.  Go eff yourself.

Traveling to BB #2 resulted in better luck as they had a couple copies on the shelf.  Glad to finally take Kratos’ portable adventures home to play on the big screen, I went to the checkout line.

With no other customers waiting at checkout, I had the rare luxury to choose which checkout line to go in.  My selection, however, was not as favorable as one might hope as I had to choose between a 70 year old grandma or a 16 year old kid.  I chose the ladder thinking that it might make my checkout process easier as I had a coupon and knew they this was going to complicate things.

Again, because BB sucks phat donkey nuts, I knew that my checkout process wasn’t going to be easy and something was going to go wrong.  You know, because scanning a bar code is pretty hard work.

The kid scans the game.  Then continues to try and sell me the retarded 1 year warranty if I scratch the disc and inform me of their pre-order deals, blah blah blah.  Umm, no.  Then I give him the coupon to get my 10% off; this is where the problems start to pop up like a hemorrhoid on the day after Thanksgiving for your Aunt’s spicy mystery meat.

The kid scans the coupon, which I had to print out and waste my ink, and a blank error message pops up on the register’s screen.  He scans it again; same thing.  Then he continues to read the coupon.  I kindly ensured him by pointing out that “video games and video game accessories” are 10% off as well as the expiration date had not yet expired.  He agrees and then manually types in the 10% discount.

At this point I am thinking “ok, a minor hiccup but still tolerable as long as I get my deal.”   Unfortunately, whenever you manually enter discounts, a manager needs to enter approval.  So now the kid has to turn on his light and go find the manager sleeping in the back room.  After a 3 minute wait, the manager comes out, looks at the screen, looks at the register, looks at the game, then looks at me and say “yeah, um, these coupons are only good for regular priced items.”

W….. T….. F!!!!!!   Holy sh!t Best Buy! Again, go eff yourself.

Hello!?? Isn’t that the whole effing point of the coupon?  To get a deal.  To offer something other stores aren’t?

This forced me to read the fine print, and better yet, really look at the weekly BB ad.  First, the stupid spam coupons that I get are only good for that given weekend – like 2 or 3 days total.  Secondly, everything listed in the fine print of the coupon are basically all the items that are in the ad.  Or I should say “are on sale.”  This renders the coupons completely and 100% useless.  Or wait, I take that back.  Their only purpose is to piss off customers.  So much so that they need to blog about it.

Pissed off, I swiped my credit card and gave BB my money even though they are dicks.  The thing is, I had a BB gift card in my wallet that had about $3.24 on it and it has been taking up space in my wallet. After year of it just sitting there, I just wanted to get rid of the damn thing.  Otherwise, you bet your ass I would not have supported BB and their evil satanic ways.  The gift card had a present wrapper graphic on it which means I probably got this thing for an Xmas present last year.

The final nail in the coffin is the flawed Reward Zone card/point system.  Because of my coupon drama, the kid forgot to ask for my Reward Zone card.  But that is ok that I missed out on the points because I will not be going back to BB ever again.  I understand it was not the clerk’s fault; it is the BB corporation as a whole.  Everything at BB is way overpriced and they screw their customers into thinking they might be able to finally find a deal by using a coupon that they so heavily promote.

F*#% you Best Buy.  Ever since Circuit City went out of business you think you can run the world with your high prices.  Well guess what?  Fry’s, Abt, and MicroCenter kick the crap out of you any day of the week.  I hope you burn in hell…

Sometimes it takes a mortal to rise up and challenge a god in order to set things right.

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