BLOG – Club Nintendo Oct. 2012

Nintendo has been offering up a few unknown WiiWare and DSi games as Club Nintendo rewards over the last few weeks.


Art Academy: First Semester was available from Sept 10 – Sept 23 for 150 coins.  This DSi download promises to teach basic art lessons using the stylus on the touch screen to perform basic art tasks like draw or paint.  Although I have not played this titled, I am much more interested in the upcoming Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone 3DS title set to be released on Oct 1 as a full retail game.  However, for 150 coins, this easy download could be a simply way to spark some creativity especially with school now back in full swing.

Pop-Up Pursuit is a 4-player WiiWare download that is available until Sept 30 for 150 coins.  This game resembles Mario Party in that four players move around a gameboard with a pop-up book theme.  I have also not played this title but from the couple of reviews that I have read online, it isn’t looking like the sleeper hit Club Nintendo members are hoping for.


Birds & Beans is a DSi download that will be available until Oct 7 for 100 Club Nintendo coins.  This simple game seems to be kind of like Missile Command.  The player controls a bird at the bottom of the screen and uses his tongue to eat falling objects before they hit the ground.  For 100 coins, you can take or leave it but do not expect a ton of replayability from this title.


These games will conclude Sept and introduce gamers to the Fall season.  Because Halloween is the big holiday in October, perhaps Nintendo should release scary-themed games for Club Nintendo members… Here is hoping that Castlevania Rebirth becomes available as a 150 coin WiiWare download.  They included 10-Yard Fight with the launch of the football season so it should not come as a surprise if Halloween/scary based games become a part of the Club Nintendo program in Oct.  I guess we will wait and see.

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