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One of the local Sears stores has had the same game “clearance” bin for about two years now.  I put the word “clearance” in quotes because it isn’t even clearance priced; everything is still normal price just labeled with a pink sticker to make it look like you are getting a better deal.  And because these game are literally placed in a bin in the middle of the aisle doesn’t make it a deal. And do people really go to Sears to buy games..?

But only until recently has the price of these games started to go down.

About a year ago, I bought Silent Hill Origins on PSP for $6 at this Sears store.  Not a killer deal, but a deal nonetheless.  Too bad the game is still sitting on my shelf unopened.   And right when the 360 came out, I bought original Xbox LIVE subscription cards in a Sears bin for a fraction of the price; I think I paid $10 for a 12-month subscription, normally priced at $50.  Sears was clearancing all the original Xbox stuff, not knowing that Xbox 1 LIVE subscription cards worked just the same on 360.  Ha, fools.

Yesterday, however, I made a random trip through this Sears to see if these bin prices have changed.  To my surprise, quite a few games dropped in price.

I was going to pick up Oblivion on PS3 for $10, but it was not the greatest hits version.  Also, do I really have time to play a 100 hour game with so many top tier titles releasing in the next few weeks?  No. No I don’t.

Instead, I found Hot Shots Golf (the first one) on PSP for $0.97.  Even though the game is really old and I already own Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 on PSP, I still couldn’t pass up this deal.  I mean, when was the last time you bought a new game for under a buck?   It is kinda funny because this very low priced game was hidden under the clearance sign itself… if you didn’t look for it, you probably would not have seen it.


Remember Aeon Flux?  That weird looking anime shown on MTV in the mid-90’s?  Well, the complete season, which is spread over two UMDs, was also in the bin for $0.97.  Will I ever watch this? Most definitely not.  But for a buck, who can go wrong?  I figure this PSP case will look better taking up space on my shelf then in a clearance bin for a mega corporation.

Two new games (well, one game, one movie, but same thing here on the PSP) for $2!  Yeah, I think that qualifies as a deal.

So what is the moral of the story here today kids?  Keep your eyes peeled because deals are out there…. Even though they might be games that you will never play.

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