BLOG – Alan Wake Can’t Write

Alan Wake.  Whether you like it or not, this game deserves more recognition than it received.  Given the long development cycle and 360 exclusivity, Alan Wake isn’t the best game ever made but it certainly is not a bad game.  I enjoyed playing through to the end even though the ending was complete garbage.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I wanted to continue the adventure by downloading the free DLC pack that was bundled with the game in hopes of somehow giving justification to the totally obscene ending.  The Writer DLC is supposed to tie up a few loose ends… so I’ve heard.

Besides the disc and instruction manual, there was a card with the “pull here” tab to reveal a free code to download the first DLC pack inside the DVD case when I purchased this game.  Excited to continue the adventure and earn a few more Achievements, I torn off the stupid tab and utilized the “redeem code” option from the XBL dashboard.

“Code is invalid.”

I type it in again, thinking I mistyped a letter using my 360 controller Chat Pad.

“Code is invalid.”

Double and even triple checking my work, I realize that I was just given a bunk code with my game.  I even read the fine print to see if the code needed to be redeemed by a certain date.  Nope. Either I got the lemon, or all codes are bogus.

I guess Alan Wake, a popular and best-selling writer, can even type typos.

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