REVIEW – Max and the Magic Marker Gold Edition (PSN)

Now With Move

Available on many different platforms and now released on the PS3, Max and the Magic Marker is essentially the same game as the PC and WiiWare version.

The biggest difference with the PSN Gold Edition is the introduction of Playstation Move support and a few added elements like new boss battles and Trophies.  Instead of using the Wii remote’s IR sensor, the Move controller seems to be more accurate thanks to the camera technology.  However, neither of these motion based controllers can replace the accuracy and comfort of a mouse, giving the PC version a one up. And if you don’t have a Move controller, the game still supports the Dual Shock analog control but is nowhere near as accurate or entertaining.

Max and the Magic Marker is a colorful platformer that rewards creativity, something that few games can offer.  Each stage contains puzzle elements that won’t necessarily tease the deepest parts of your brain but will help keep gameplay engaging and replay value is justified through the many collectables found in each stage.  Each of the 50+ levels can usually be completed in just a few minutes which creates a constant sense of accomplishment but overall the full quest will only take a few hours to complete.  What is strange though, on occasion the game will skip a few frames; this title by no means pushes the powerful PS3 to the limit so this inconvenient, but not game crippling, hiccup seems a little odd.

If you played this game on your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or any other outlet, you might want to take a pass as this the same game you already played.  However, if you are looking a more unique way to use your Move controller, this title can be worth the $10 price point.


On Par With: the other platform versions

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