REVIEW – Safety Blue Sleep Savior Glasses (Accessory)

Passion Filled Shut Eye

Having trouble trying to sleep?  Counting sheep but running out?  Then perhaps you either know your Green Day lyrics or could benefit from Safety Blue Sleep Savior eyewear.

Available in a couple different designs, these eyeglasses will make you understand how X-Men’s Cyclops views the world through his ruby red visor.  But the point isn’t so much to make you look cool as opposed to helping you get some restful shuteye.

The idea is this: exposure to certain light frequencies can disturb energy levels, productivity, and sleep quality.  These glasses block blue and green light, essentially allowing your system to relax to prepare for more quality sleep.  These light frequencies can be found almost anywhere but people that stare at a computer monitor or play video games all day might feel the most effects.  If you work the late shift or have jet lag, these glasses might also provide some relief.

In order to work properly, the instructions state to wear these passionate red goggles 1-3 hours before bedtime.  In my opinion, herein lies the biggest issue with this product – I already wear eyeglasses.  Whether choosing the Sleep Savior or Sleep Savior Ultra design, these glasses are designed to fit on your face like any other set of eyewear; they will not fit over existing glasses.  This fact alone made using this product a challenge as I am pretty much blind without my normal glasses and need them to see.  Now, if you are blessed with 20/20 vision, then this should not be an issue.  Also, even when I wear my contacts, I always take them out as soon as I get home into my comfy cozies as wearing contacts all day, especially when nearing bedtime, gets uncomfortable. If there was an option to wear these red glasses over my existing glasses, then this would be the route for current eyeglass wearers although they would sacrifice stylistic properties. You know those old lady sunglass visor things? Yeah, no thank you.

The glasses ship in a compact but professionally designed box that doubles as a storage case.  Inside, the user will be greeted with a short and easy-to-read color brochure, the glasses inside a drawstring bag, and a microfiber cloth is included for cleaning. Both styles feature the bold red and black design but the Ultra version has a black frame around the lens with some additional eye socket padding.  I found this version to be more comfortable but a little more ridiculous looking. The standard design looks more like an average pair of sunglasses only with red tinted lenses. There is a slight price difference between both models but it should come out to personal preference. Both sets are designed to fit your entire field of view which is why they are a little on the bigger side.

So do these glasses actually work?  Did they increase the quality of my sleep?  If I am speaking honestly, I am going to say no.  If anything, they might have a placebo effect.  But to be fair, I am not sure I am the exact target audience even though my face is usually in front of a TV or monitor of some kind most days. Thing is, I have no trouble sleeping. By the time bedtime rolls around, I am usually so exhausted that I pass out within the first minute of my head hitting the pillow.  The other bummer is that I cannot use these glasses without taking off my “I need these to see or I am blind” everyday glasses.

If you are having trouble sleeping and have your face pressed against a screen for most of the day, would I recommend giving this a try?  Yes, I do even though I couldn’t notice anything from my personal experience as I don’t have any issue falling asleep or waking up feeling not rested.  However, I would much rather have someone try these glasses as it is an easy, natural, and relatively low cost option, as opposed to downing handfuls of Tylenol PM or other chemical sleep aids.  Also, I couldn’t help but lift the glasses to my forehead and pretend I was shooting Cyclops optic beams from my eyes.  I may or may not have done this on more than one occasion.  Seriously though, these things make everything slut red. If they don’t make you sleep better, they might fill you with rage or soul crushing passion.

Not As Good As: being in a coma
Better Than: passing out via your drug/booze of choice
Wait For It: bull-fighting rage inducing glasses

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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