Whiskey & Zombies (Xbox One) Review with stream

Made by a small dev team, Whiskey & Zombies is a top-down survival game that involves hillbillies drinking their moonshine to gain the strength to kill zombies like Popeye is to spinach. Unfortunately, the booze mechanic is a tedious babysitting job at best and low production values makes it difficult to play, let alone enjoy.

Playing as a stereotypical hick in the bayou of Louisiana, the player needs to chug booze to stay buzzed. Drink too much and you’ll pass out (but not puke) so you’ll need to drink exactly the right amount at all time. Depicted with a drunk meter at the top of the screen, it is rather annoying to stop and drink every couple of minutes in addition to finding booze bottles on the ground – who wants to drink this warm mystery booze during a zombie apocalypse anyway? Gross!

I think the game is trying to be funny with the entire white trash/booze theme but it is actually cringe worthy and never fun.  On top of that, the limited inventory and cumbersome weapon selection system means you need to monitor your backpack just as much as that pack of dumb zombies in front of you. 

There is a hand drawn map available but it still doesn’t tell the player what to do or where to go. Navigating these dark environments is made even more tedious because the camera is exactly top-down. This makes walking through buildings, on stairs, under stairs, and through shadows way more difficult than it should be as there is no way to judge depth.

The visuals are also low poly, which is fine since the camera is zoomed so far out, but the animations are pretty terrible. Punching zombies is stupid and comical but for all the wrong reasons. The banjo music fits the hillbilly mood of the game but grows annoying quickly. Also, this game might have one of the worst “I don’t care” main menu screens of all time. The main menu is empty, proving the devs don’t care about their own game.

SCORE: 3/10

Not As Good As: The Last Stand: Aftermath  

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Wait For It: a game about shooting angles instead of the undead or demons

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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