Wanking Simulator gets demo and Q1 release date

Wanking Simulator demo is available free on the Steam platform. This is an uncompromising simulator full of absurd humour, which is distinguished by a unique gameplay model. Wanking Simulator will debut on PC in the first quarter of 2020. It was also prearranged to release the game on consoles.

An independent Polish developer, MrCiastku, is working on the new simulator. The game publisher is Ultimate Games S.A.. Wanking Simulator will come out on PC in the first quarter of 2020, and now you can check out the free demo on the Steam platform.

MrCiastku announces that the gameplay in this 3D simulator will be very diverse. In addition to the possibilities of spreading “masturbation chaos”, there will also be hand-to-hand fighting, shooting, using objects (e.g. alcohol, grenades, stones and cigarettes), driving a car (racing and delivery), flying a balloon or special spells to create panic and chaos.

Wanking Simulator will offer an extended story mode to the players – the main character is Winston Gay, whose disruptive behaviour turned out to be too loud. His noisy activities led to the intervention of his neighbours, and corrupt authorities deprived him of home. So Winston has no option but to take revenge on the inhabitants of Gay Bay. Other modes, designed to single-player game, are also being prepared – i.e. arena, challenges and a sandbox.

The game created by MrCiastku is based on absurd and politically incorrect assumptions. This surreal and humorous simulator, which can be associated with the animated series South Park, will offer additional game modes, different locations and new forms of activity on the day of release” – says Ultimate Games S.A. CEO, Mateusz Zawadzki.

As Ultimate Games S.A. emphasizes, Wanking Simulator is a title focused on humorous elements. The only sexual act will be masturbation of the main character, while the game will not show any genital organs or body fluids.

The main features of Wanking Simulator:

  • unique gameplay model;
  • crazy and unpredictable story;
  • absurd humor;
  • diverse locations;
  • lack of political correctness;
  • cars and balloons;
  • elaborated challenge system;
  • arena mode (fight against hordes of enemies);
  • special spells to create chaos;
  • even more options in the sandbox mode.

Wanking Simulator will come out on PC (Steam) in the first quarter of 2020.

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