Volley Pals (Xbox One) Review with stream

Developed by Naisu,Games, creators of Mokoko X, Volley Pals is a super simple take on classic Volleyball.  While it lacks options and depth, the accessible fast-paced gameplay offers basic fun while it lasts from a low cost. Oh yeah, and it has super easy Achievements. You can unlock all 1,000 gamerscore in just a few minutes.

Simply put, Volley Pals is a 2D volleyball sim in which the only action the player has is the ability to jump. That right, there is no set button, no spiking, no bumping, no diving, no Mario Sports game-like super moves, and all the characters are exactly the same sans cosmetic differences (you can play as a blob of goo against human players for some reason). By simply touching the ball as it enters your half of the court, the ball is bopped to the other side sort of like a game of Arknoid.  Since the controls are as easy as can be, anyone can play it. Despite its simplicity and lacking replay value, it is still sort of fun.

It really isn’t anymore than a Mario Party mini game but the 4-player local party game vibe is strong. The only gimmick comes from the playable stages as each one has simple element can alters gameplay. For example, the first beach stage has crabs that randomly walk on the sand but will bump the ball and save a point if they hit it. The moon stage has low gravity so players can jump much higher. The mansion has a ghost that essentially acts like another player on the court. The library has a fan that pushes the ball downward, etc. Playing a game on each stage, win or lose, unlocks the game’s only Achievements too and players can set each match to only last 3 points.

The cartoony visuals look like a Flash game and the limited soundtrack is on a short loop but mirrors the goofiness and speed of play. Even though this won’t be a game that stays installed on your hard drive for long, the half hour you’ll spend with it offers some mindless entertainment.

SCORE: 6/10

Not As Good As: Kings of the Beach (NES)

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Don’t Forget About: Beach Spikers (Gamecube)

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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