VIDEOCAST – Shadow of the Colossus Part 6 – Final Battle + Ending

This is it. The final showdown between me and the towering 16th Colossi of Shadow of the Colossus on PS4. You can view the previous Colossi runs here.

Along the way, I manage to accidentally kill myself (twice) during that certain Argo moment due to poor camera control. Then, my dumbass accidentally jumps off the head of the final Colossi as I try to get fancy using the Zelda 2 downward sword strike to earn that one certain Trophy. But, I manage to eventually take him down and get through the ending.

Enjoy the stream below:

Pro Tip: if you plan on getting extra Trophies, do so before you go after the final boss as the game forces you to start a new campaign once the credits roll.

Thanks for watching!

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