VIDEOCAST – D*Fuzed (Gameboy) – new GB game 2022 release

D*Fuzed is an upcoming new puzzle game for the original Gameboy. Yes, an original Gameboy game to be released in 2022! Incube8 Games will be handling the publishing and I have covered their other games here on my channel.

This is an early press build to demonstrate the gameplay. Although I couldn’t beat the 3rd level, I still liked what I saw and excited about the final release. That music is so good! You have to defuse bombs before they blow up. With each defused bomb, you gain energy (meter on the right side of screen). Once full, you move to the next stage. Don’t get blown up! Sort of like a faster paced Minesweeper.

Official press details below:
Retro publisher Incube8 Games and indie development studio announce that the pre-order window for the physical cartridge of D*Fuzed, for the Nintendo Game Boy Color, is live.

D*Fuzed is a turn-based logic puzzle game, where just one wrong move can be your last. Defuse bombs to collect energy – the higher the countdown, the greater the energy. Avoid bombs that are about to blow, and try not to get hit by a laser along the way!

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