VIDEO – 1 hour of silence interrupted by Link periodically saying “SKANK!” – when’s he gonna say it???

Adult Link in The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time often says “skank” when in battle and a way to prove his might. Here is a fun way to appreciate this wonderful exclamation by waiting for him to shout this famous word here.

-When will he say it?
-How many times will he say it?

No one knows… unless you do! And want to post the spoilers in the comments. Are you up for the challenge? Hi-ya! Skank! Heeyah! D’oof!

Also, what’s better?
Link yelling “skank” in Ocarina of Time?
Or Mario shouting “so long ghey Bowser” as he chunks Bowser off the stage and into a bomb in Super Mario 64?

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