Thunder Kid II: Null Mission (Xbox One) Review with stream

Thunder Kid II: Null Mission is the exact same game as Thunder Kid only with new stage designs, different boss battles, and should have been DLC instead of a whole new game.

Just like the original, players move into the screen like Star Fox only it isn’t on rails. Instead, each stage is essentially a tunnel that is filled with enemies that shoot slow moving laser blasts, there are plenty of moving platforms, and annoying one hit kill spike traps but with a friendly checkpoint system. One button jumps. One button shoots. That’s it. No super attacks. No double jumps. No abilities to unlock. No experience to gain.

Enemy designs are also simple as some don’t even move and there is no penalty or reward for collecting the optional medallions or killing all enemies. The lack of a timer and score also makes this a more casual experience. I encourage you to at least watch a minute or two of my stream so you can see for yourself. 

Created with an intentional low-poly count, the visuals sort of look like a PS1 game but has a lot in common with games like Breakneck City. Although they serve their purpose, you might need to take a break from the garish design every couple of stages.

The same issues that hindered the original release were not corrected with this sequel. The main menu UI, for example, is super gross and impossible to read. Bosses are bullet sponges and some jumps are tricky because it is difficult to judge distance from the restricted camera angle. Hit detection can be a little random at times too. At least most Achievements are easy to obtain and this game only costs a few bucks.

The stage design might be a little more manageable with this sequel, as there isn’t as much cheap enemy placement, but it is really Thunder Kid 1.5 as the game/engine/visuals/soundtrack/menu are all exactly the same. Even with the low production values and simple old-school gameplay, this sequel is still playable if you enjoy Achievement hunting or want a basic arcade-like experience.

SCORE: 4.5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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