The Mooseman (XSX) Review with stream

The Mooseman, now available on XSX and PS5 with visual enhancements over the original release, is a game that is much more focused on the narrative and overall experience than the actual gameplay.  It is not bad, just different.

Because this game is so far out there, it feels like a title when in fact this is published by Sometimes You.  You play as the Mooseman, a being that has the ability to see hidden things to the mortal world.  In other words, you hit a button and things will appear to help solve an environmental puzzle or traverse to that next platform.  There is no jump button so reaching that next ledge involves pushing something in one world to make a hill in the other, or walking on shadows over here to clear that gap over there. Sometimes slight backtracking is also involved and there are numerous optional unlockables to grab. 

Simply put, this game is weird.  Apparently a God made the world out of an egg and created a lower, middle, and upper world. Then there are a bunch of spirits and guardians dwelling in these dark lands fill with artefacts, tribes, along with a whole bunch of other ancient sounding stuff.  Honestly, I have no clue what is happening as it all gets complicated quickly but there is some heavy lore here if you are so inclined.   

Visually, the dark and moody atmosphere is the star of the show. Everything is encased in shadow by design which always provides this slightly creepy, unsettling feeling even though there are not too many enemies out to kill you.  The puzzles are more about finding a way to reach that new path but the answer is usually easy to solve and never reaches Limbo-levels of difficulty.  The animations are a bit flipbooky but for some reason I don’t mind their choppiness even though this is supposed to be the enhanced Xbox Series X version. 

It only takes a couple hours to complete The Mooseman and there is little reason to come back to it but for those looking for something a little different, a little easier, and even a little more laid back despite the dark tones, this will be for those players wanting more of an experience over captivating gameplay. 

SCORE: 5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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