The 15 WORST Gameboy Advance Single-Pak linking games

Let’s be honest. You probably never played multiplayer Gameboy games because it is a bit of a hassle – you need link cables, each player their own Gameboy, a compatible game(s), a bunch of batteries. It is a lot of work so going through this hassle of Linking It Up better justify the means.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of stinkers out there when it comes to the GBA Single-Pak list of games. These are 15 (well, more than 15 if you count all the Mahjong games) games and their multi-boot modes that do not have a worthy pay off of going through the effort to link systems. I played this crap so you don’t have to!

However, even though these games do not off the most fun multiplayer experience, they still deserve some recognition because only about 5% off the entire GBA library of released games featured this 1-cartridge multiplayer mode. They might not be fun but they are still unique.

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