Swapshot (XSX) Review with full playthrough stream

A $5 puzzle platformer published by EastAsiaSoft, Swapshot is an easy and casual way to boost your Gamerscore by 1,000 points in about 30 minutes.

Each of the 35 hand designed stages are depicted within a single screen with the goal of moving through the exit. The gimmick comes in the form of a teleport gun. When shot, the bullet can instantly swap places with the playable character when it makes contact with a box. Shots are limited but I was able to clear some stages with bullets left in the chamber. Just keep in mind, brown boxes can be pushed while blue crates are stationary.

If you watch my embedded stream in this article, I managed to play through the entire campaign without the use of a guide in a short amount of time, unlocking all Achievements along the way.

The difficulty never gets out of hand and the pacing is well done, slightly growing in complexity with each passing stage. There are no bosses to fight, no abilities to upgrade, and no secrets to find. While the replay value is extremely limited, the short amount of time spent in the campaign in casual and still enjoyable.

Visually, the pixelated art style makes it looks like a new, retro-style game and the accompanying soundtrack is limited but pleasant.

From the presentation to the gameplay, Swapshot is a simple, basic, and a plain puzzle platforming experience. Not to be confused with low quality, it doesn’t worry about creating complicated depth. Instead, for a measly five bucks, this digital download fits firmly in the library of other EastAsiaSoft releases and offers casual gameplay anyone can appreciate, especially Achievement hunters.

SCORE: 6.5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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