SquallSnake Saga – Metal Gear Solid GBC Walkthrough – Stage 11 (Black Arts Viper Boss battle and Original Metal Gear Rubble)

Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Rubble

Stage 11 is one of the longest stages and also has one very tedious section involving a Nikita Missile.  Since it is tough finding the sweet spot for this missile, I miss quite a few times during the beginning portion of this video so feel free to use the fast forward feature. But the end of the stage is very rewarding as fans get to see the rubble of the original Metal Gear that Snake took down during the events of the first Metal Gear game.  Just a few rooms later in the 100th floor basement, Snake encounters the other snake, Black Arts Viper.  This boss battle is easy to lose since the trip wires and explosions take a big chunk of health with each hit but Snake manages to take him down being patient and accurate with the rifle. Almost at the end.


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