Sissa’s Path (XSX) Review with stream

A simple Sokoban game, Sissa’s Path is as easy going and casual as can be. It is approachable but the overall experience is empty and lacks replay value.

There is no tutorial or “how to” screen but it isn’t needed. Using only the left analog stick, the player controls a cat on a small, grid-based stage. The goal is to push balls of yarn onto the white tiles. Once all the yarn is in place, the player moves onto the next stage until all 48 are completed. The gimmick is that the cat can only push the yarn; there is no ability to pull it.

Since there is no timer, move counter, multiplayer, enemies, hazards, leaderboards, RPG mechanics, unlockables, alternating playable characters, customization options, upgrades, or different abilities, Sissa’s Path couldn’t be laxer. There is also no hint system but puzzles rarely require trial-and-error more than a few times. The pacing doesn’t really get any more difficult with each stage either. This is surprising as the size of each puzzle remains small throughout and all puzzles can be completed in an hour.  

The only thing simpler than the gameplay is the presentation.  Tetris on the original Gameboy has more graphics than this block pushing simulator. I guess it doesn’t need to look fancy since this is a simple puzzle game but the weird isometric perspective doesn’t do the experience any favors since it can be a little difficult to judge depth.  Yes, there is in fact one musical track, but it is played so softy it might as well not even be there at all. 

If you watch two minutes of my embedded stream, you’ll have basically seen the entire game as the puzzles, visuals, and gameplay do not change. Even though this is a plain and tasteless low-cost downloadable game that was made by a small dev team, Achievement hunters will want to take note as it is easy to snag all the Gamerscore; each Achievement will pop after completing a handful of sequential stages.

SCORE: 4/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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