Save Room (Xbox One) Review with stream

Remember trying to get everything to fit in your inventory screen when you played through Resident Evil 4? It sort of became a game in and of itself as you wanted to take as much with you, using every inch of your briefcase.  Well, a small developer went ahead and made an entire game out of Resident Evil 4’s menu screen and is more creative than you think.

Save Room is a puzzle game about using every open block to fit all the necessary items on the right side of the screen into the left. The 40 stages will only take a couple hours to complete but the game is smart enough to know to not overstay its welcome. The pacing is also perfect as the player is exposed to a new circumstance every handful of stages.

Within a few stages, the player will be exposed to more than just getting everything to fit. Mixing herbs, intentionally taking damage by eating poison eggs, and reloading weapons are all required to complete each puzzle. It is a thoughtful approach as there is more than initially meets the eye. The downside is, some stages must be completed in a specific order but you might not fully realize it until it is too late. Without a snappy undo/redo feature, some stages are a little more tedious than they could be. Also, the interface is clearly designed for a mouse and keyboard. While it is playable using the controller, it is nowhere as fluid since moving the cursor from one side of the screen to the other takes time. You can only rotate pieces in one direction too.

Save Room is an approachable puzzle game that Resident Evil 4 fans will most definitely appreciate. Even if you have not played RE4, this is still a simple, fun puzzle game that only costs a few bucks, has some easy Achievements, and there are walkthroughs online should you get stuck.

SCORE: 8/10

Don’t Forget About: the Resident Evil 4 remake

Not As Good As: playing RE4 on Gamecube when it first released

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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