Robot Squad Simulator X (Xbox One) Review

Robot Squad Simulator X is basically same game as the Switch version of Robot Squad Simulator only without the “X” after it. I am guessing the X is there because it is now on Xbox One..? Or perhaps it wants to be naughtier? Not sure.

If there is one thing this bomb defusing sim gets right is the badass trailer for this game. This trailer makes the experience seem like it is going to be a high action simulation but actual gameplay is slow, methodical, and very tedious. Taking control of a few different robots – ground, air, and sea – the goal is to navigate a relatively sterile environment (accompanied by a decent soundtrack for some reason), acknowledge a bomb threat or obstacle, then overcome and deactivate. It sounds interesting on paper but controlling each device is finicky at best. Honestly, controls do a decent job for what needs to be done but there is a lot to maintain: navigating the vehicle, positioning the arm vertically and horizontally, opening/closing a claw, maintaining position to not get stuck on parts of the environment, cutting the right wire, activating beacons, etc.

Like any robot or remote control car, the player can only really perform one action at one time, often without finesse or accuracy, flicking analog sticks until something happens. There is a high learning curve. In fact the learning curve is so high they are numerous training stages to inform the player how each craft works. If you can get over this introductory hurdle and have the patience to fumble with the controls, there could be something here for dedicated fans. This Xbox One version seems to play a little more smoothly in comparison to the Switch version, and of course there are Xbox Achievements, but simulation games are usually only designed for a dedicated crowd, this title being no different.

SCORE: 5/10

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Better Than: being in a hot bomb blast suit
Wait For It: Robot Squad Simulator X-X-X

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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