Robolt (PS4) Review with stream

A simple run’n gun action platformer made by a small dev team, Robolt is marred with so many gameplay issues it is impossible to recommend despite having a low cost and an effortless unlockable Platinum Trophy.  

If you watch Part 1 of my stream embedded here, you’ll notice that I spawned dead upon starting and then the game soft locked within a couple minutes of gameplay, forcing me to restart. Not a great way to welcome the player to a game.  

After restarting, I was unable to clear the very first stage until I upgraded my offensive and defensive capabilities. Collectable chips (think coins in a Mario game) are used to upgrade your little robot but all will be unlocked by Stage 3, making this upgrade system entirely unbalanced. Once you gain the ability to jump multiple times, it is better to just run and jump over everything and head straight for the exit since collecting the hundreds of chips no longer serves a purpose and the player is given no reward for killing the repeating enemies.  

Other issues include the soundtrack that is so quiet that it is impossible to hear (with no option to adjust), the wall jumping is awful and inconsistent, there is no pause screen or way to restart once you enter a stage, the camera is zoomed out so far and the playable character is so tiny it makes it nearly impossible to keep track what is happening, and the background is so busy that it makes seeing anything a strain. On top of that, each level is almost exactly the same in structure, design, and even enemy placement and type. You can only shoot to the right and the collectable red gems are there to offer some replay value but do not provide the player any incentive.   

The only saving grace is that the Platinum Trophy can be unlocked in about 10 minutes without much effort. Unless you are a die-hard Platinum hunter, Robolt does not have any redeeming qualities.  

SCORE: 3/10

Not As Good As: Brave Soldier 

Also Try: waiting for a $0.99 sale    

Wait For It: Contra 5 

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief 

Twitter: @ZackGaz 

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