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Not too long ago, I wrote an article about the DS retail version of Zuma’s Revenge.  And just as I predicted, this color-matching sequel has transition to the XBLA with online leaderboards, 400 Achievement Points, and even a few different Avatar awards.

Just like the DS version, this sequel’s biggest highlights are the new boss battles, the ability to play any unlocked level at any time, a new special ability leveling up feature that are symbolized through vicious jungle animals, and some levels allow the frog cannon to move as opposed to solely being stationary.  Without question, Zuma’s Revenge is superior to the original in pretty much every way and just as addicting.

The focus of the game revolves around speed and accuracy.  Luckily, the analog stick on the 360 controller is pixel perfect and the ability to swap balls via the left and right bumpers adds a little more strategy to the fast paced gameplay.  One neat feature is instant upload to the leaderboard as soon as a stage is completed.  The results screen not only tells you how many points were earned and how fast the stage was completed, but it also lists your worldwide rank in real time – no need to back out to the main menu to see your skill level.  Each stage can also reward players with up to three coins which can be spent to upgrade certain aspects of the game like increasing bonus points.  This leveling up system does not drastically change the overall gameplay but provides enough addicting incentive to play well to reach that next level.

Zuma’s Revenge also has higher presentation values than its predecessor thanks to high def visuals, a very brief plotline and a casual soundtrack that suits the tropical tiki theme.  The developers even included an option for colorblind players ensuring that everyone can enjoy the addictive nature of a quality match-three title.

For $10, Zuma’s Revenge is an entertaining title that is worth your time.  The new features and gameplay enhancements are most welcomed but the complete exclusion of a real time multiplayer, Vs or Co-op, is a missed opportunity and leaves the experience somewhat lacking.  But I guess that is what the next sequel is for, right?


Better Than: the original

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