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Sequel to the original marble shooter, Zuma’s Revenge is a decent but familiar follow up to the fan favorite action puzzler.

Minus the addition of real time online multiplayer option, Zuma’s Revenge has everything any typical sequel should include – new levels, powerups, boss battles, and some new gameplay elements like being able to transition to new attack points.  In short, if you have played Zuma before, you will know exactly what to expect with this sequel.

The Revenge aspect of the title is somewhat misleading considering there really isn’t any plot to speak of; this would also imply that the frog is named Zuma, a detail that I do not think has ever been fully clear.  Luckily, like most puzzle games, a plotline is not necessary when you have simple but addictive gameplay.

Boss battles are probably one of the largest new additions to the gameplay.  Paired up with some new special abilities, Zuma can almost play like Space Invaders at times.  It is a welcome and refreshing aspect to the gameplay as it forces the player to rethink typical Zuma strategies.  Some stages even allow the player to jump to different shooting points which can make for some faster paced gameplay.

Like other Popcap titles, Zuma’s Revenge is available in a couple different ways.  The retail boxed copy is available for $20 or the DSiWare version is available for $8, less than half the price of the retail version.  To my knowledge, both versions are identical so owning this game becomes a question of collectability, SD card memory space, and price.  Keep in mind this is also a DS release, not a 3DS release.  With this said, the DS cannot produce the high def visuals and audio that gamers have become accustom to through avenues like the XBLA and PSN.  However, it is hard to argue against the portability factor and accurate stylus control.

Best played in short bursts, Zuma’s Revenge is a great portable title but does fall a little short due to the lack of true multiplayer and unique online modes.  However, fans of the original should be pleased with this follow up effort as provides more of the addicting gameplay that has been around for years.


On Par With: the original

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Wait For It: the inevitable XBLA and PSN release with online leaderboards and achievements

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