REVIEW – Sennheiser GSP 670 Headset (PS4)

Sennheiser has been making quality headsets for years but their new GSP 670 model is the first deeper dive into the wireless market specifically designed for gaming. Outfitted with a $350 price tag, this high cost unit is compatible with PS4 and PC. Check out our coverage of some of these other Sennheiser units here.

Comes with everything you see here

Unlike other headsets that connect through Toslink or HDMI, the Sennheiser GSP 670 connects via Bluetooth with a very small USB dongle.  For PS4 users, it is literally plug and play. Upon inserting the USB dongle to the front of the console and turning on the headset, my PS4 instantly recognized this new device and switched all game audio and chat to the headset. Keep in mind, adjusting these settings, such as automatically activating all audio to the headset as soon as the unit is turned on, is found in the settings menu of the PS4 console, not the headset itself.  Using the headset and all of its features is easy so you don’t need to be an experienced audiophile to enjoy it.

Also, since this is a Bluetooth unit, it can also be paired with your mobile device or tablet and calls can be taken through the adjustable mic. The USB dongle that gets inserted into any available slot on your PS4 is very small and emits a neon purple light when activated.  Not sure I understand why the neon purple since the unit is mostly all black but it looks cool nonetheless.

pretty hawt and tempting

PS4 users will also be happy to know that this headset is charged via the same USB cable that charges Dual Shock 4 controllers. So if you already have a micro USB cable tethered to your system, this one cable can be used for both, obviously just not at the same time. The unit does ship with a USB cable if you don’t already have one although it is rather short. It really isn’t designed to be plugged and in use at the same time although it is possible.

Look at that small dongle

For the record, the GSP 670 is NOT compatible with Xbox One. Even though all the marketing behind this unit clearly states PC, PS4, and mobile, I still wanted to test it on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the system did not recognize the unit and was unable to get it to function as all indicators highlighted.  Will there even be a firmware update in the future to accommodate Xbox One use? It doesn’t seem likely.

Charging indicator

From a comfort stand point, the Sennheiser GSP 670 takes many aspects into consideration. Sure, the ear cups are well shaped and the head strap is adjustable, but the kicker is that the tension between the cups can be adjusted, something most headsets neglect or eliminate altogether.  Until you toggle the easy-to-adjust tension bars, it is difficult to explain the difference this can make. For example, if you wear eyeglasses, you might want to ease up a bit but if you have a smaller head because you’re a younger gamer, you should consider using a tighter setting. Once adjusted, it is unlikely it will need to be adjusted again but makes the experience that much better.

Adjust your straps

Personally, I prefer the ear padding in the Sennheiser GSP 550 model over this 670 unit.  While there is nothing wrong with this new wireless unit, the softer more cushiony design over the suede-like finish doesn’t seem to get as hot, the texture is better, and feels like it will last over the long run. My only complaint with the cosmetic appearance of this unit actually caught me a bit by surprise.  You see, since this unit is wireless, it makes bathroom breaks during gaming sessions more convenient since you don’t have to leave everything resting on your La-Z-Boy. It wasn’t until I saw myself in the mirror that I realized how far out this unit sticks out over the ears and head.  It sort of looks like an alien space helmet and a little ridiculous when in use. The unit is a bit big for every day travel, especially since it does not ship with a dedicated carry case or stand, so users will most likely be using this in the comfort of home as opposed for public consumption, which is for the best. By itself, there is no question this unit has a professional presentation.

Check out that knuckle

One of the coolest features is extended battery life with quick charge.  When I first took the unit out of the box, I charged it for maybe 15 minutes before I started using it.  Even though the charge time was short, I played for well over an hour and didn’t get a low battery indicator.  While this quick charge feature is super handy, perhaps the most unique feature is how the unit informs the user of the battery status. When the power button is flicked, a female voice actually speaks the amount of battery life remaining from the ear cups.  Granted, you will need to turn on the unit while it is already on your head to hear this message, but this is undoubtedly a cool feature and eliminates the need for a visual indicator. Many wireless headset unleash an annoying beep when the unit is hovering around 5%-10% life.  Here, the voice will say that there is over 60% remaining, for example. Big difference. Having a headset actually talk back is pretty cool.

Multi-language instruction sheet

However, these features would not mean anything if the sound quality was lacking. Unfortunately, this is where the Sennheiser GSP 670 falters the most.  Instead of implementing true Dolby 7.1 surround sound into the unit, Sennheiser incorporates their own proprietary surround sound that is designed to mimic a true 7.1 system. In comparison to the Astro A50 (which has been receiving updates over the years), the Sennheiser sounds a little flat and undetailed. Is it still a good system, sure, no question. But is it the best thing on the market and help to justify the $350 price tag?  This question becomes difficult to answer if exclusively using it on a PS4.  When paired with Sony’s latest hardware, the user has no option to tinker with settings other than sound and chat volume.  However, when connected to a PC and installed with Sennheiser’s software, the user gains access to numerous other settings that can be adjusted. Thing is, at this point, the user can just go with a Dolby 7.1 unit if connected to a PC (like the Sennheiser 550 unit, albeit a wired unit), instead of messing with settings to try and get the best sound performance out of a unit that is doing its best to digitally fake and mimic Dolby’s system. Either way, thanks to a strong Bluetooth connection, there is no latency even when sitting far away from your console (worked like a champ during my bathroom breaks a couple rooms away).

Pivoting mic

Is the Sennheiser GSP 670 a quality headset?  Sure is. Is it the best headset on the market despite carrying a higher price? No, it is not. I feel most users would want to use this headset when gaming wirelessly on PS4, not PC.  Since it lacks Dolby 7.1 audio and isn’t compatible with other systems, there are other units on the market that do a better job at the same or less cost. However, if you want a quality Bluetooth headset that can be used across your PS4, PC, and take calls on your phone, then yes, this is a unit that should be placed high on the consideration list.

Quality packaging

SCORE: 8/10

Better Than: anything SkullCandy
Not As Good As: high-end Astro units
Wait For It: a refurbished unit so the price drops $100+

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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