REVIEW – Garage Mechanic Simulator (Switch)

Garage Mechanic Simulator is the latest sim-type game published by Ultimate Games S.A. on the Switch eShop.  Not to be confused with Car Mechanic Manager or Car Trader as these titles have completely different play mechanics, Garage Mechanic Simulator is actually the same game as Bus Fix 2019.  The only difference is, instead of fixing buses, the player is tasked with fixing cars.

In this case, this complete rehash is basically an eShop scam and it is a shame Nintendo actually allowed it to be published on their digital service. The game doesn’t even work let alone provide any entertainment value.  To put things into perspective, it took way too long to complete the opening tutorial just because the player has to rotate the car at the very precise angle to get the text prompts to advance. Then, fixing cars by tapping a button and then immediately selling it with another tap just isn’t fun even if you can get the game to respond. There are times when button mashing every button on the controller yields no response, making you think the game is frozen, broken, or glitched.  The low res jpgs stolen from Google images that represent clients are also jokingly bad.

Any title on the eShop that has any reference to a vehicle, with Ultimate Games S.A.’s name attached to it, should be avoided at all costs.  Excel spreadsheets are more entertaining.

SCORE: 2/10

Not As Good As: just casually browsing the eShop
Better Than: stubbing your toe
Wait For It: this publisher to stop releasing vehicle-related garbage

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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