REVIEW – Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC Review


Extending The Adventure

The Treasures of the Sun DLC probably won’t change your opinion about the game as a whole but should please fans looking to do some more dungeon sieging.

This four to six hour DLC adventure offers some new content to play around with like the Essence system which can enhance a specific weapon, a new environment to explore complete with extra side quests, a way to reset your special abilities, and the level cap is raised to 35.

Treasures of the Sun will probably play best for players who already completed the main quest as even the average enemy can initially prove challenging.  Also, the Aranoi Desert, the DLC’s new environment, is located through a new causeway from the Chapter House and contains a nice chunk of land to explore.  This means that you couldn’t jump into this DLC if you are booting up a brand new game, but you wouldn’t want to anyway since the enemies would easily overpower and overwhelm.

Instead of fighting through a plotline of trying to defeat one main enemy, the story of this new content plays like its own mini adventure and is actually well put together narrative complete with a sequel encouraging ending.  If looked hard enough, new abilities can be found through this new land but they are awkwardly activated by clicking and holding both analog sticks.  And all skill tree abilities can be reassigned but for a high gold cost which prevents the potential to making the game too unbalanced.

Treasures of the Sun is a decent excuse to keep Dungeon Siege in your system tray and offers a fair amount of new content to tinker around and Achievements to unlock if you are willing to spend a few space bucks.

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