REVIEW – Car Mechanic Manager (Switch)

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Car Mechanic Manager is supposed to be a sim game in which you slowly fix then sell cars to increase profit and the size of the business. It is basically a poor man’s Facebook game but way worse.

Despite having a touchscreen interface, there is no touch screen support. The UI is broken and does not let the player progress.  I actually thought there was something wrong with my game, like a severe glitch or something, so I reset my console and wanted to start a new save file only to find out there is no option to do so.  The game only let’s you continue one game without a restart option.

For some reason, the player must select things first with the analog stick by randomly flicking a direction, hoping to select the desired option; up might work the first time then it will be left the next. Then, for whatever reason, the player has to switch to the D-pad (or corresponding directional buttons if using a JoyCon instead of a Pro Controller) to select the menu within the menu.  However, the game doesn’t indicate which option is actually selected leaving the player to randomly button mash “A” in hopes something happens. Nothing makes sense, there is no tutorial, clicking on things doesn’t actually do anything, and there is zero fun to be had.

Car Mechanic Manager is an unplayable mess and is a wonder how it was even allowed to be published on the eShop.  This is easily one of the worst games on Nintendo’s service.

SCORE: 1/10

Not As Good As: earning money to pay for your own vehicle
Better Than: getting screwed at the used car lot
Also Try: making words by fumbling with a calculator

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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