REVIEW – Astro Bears Party Switch

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Astro Bears Party offers about five minutes of fun if you can huddle four people around a Nintendo Switch. Essentially a four-player version of the original cell phone game Snake, the goal is to NOT bump into a trail that is left behind by any of the playable characters. The screen clutters quickly so matches might only last a few seconds. There are also no online leaderboards or online modes whatsoever – local only multiplayer here.

There is a single player mode, which has enemies controlling AI bots, but is not much fun at all. Gameplay attempts to spice itself up by having each playable bear outfitted with different stats but most players will not be able to tell a difference between each character. There is also a jump ability but matches still do not last long and really are not that entertaining when there are no bonuses, power-ups, or extra gameplay options or unlockables.

At best, Astro Bears Party feels like a quick, forgettable mini game that would be found in any Mario Party title. Is it worth $5? If you are desperately looking for a simple game a younger gamer might appreciate, then this barebones party game might entertain as you wait for your mom to finish dinner.

SCORE: 3.5/10

Not As Good As: Super Monkey Ball 2’s mini games
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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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