Reverie: Sweet As Edition (XSX) Review with Stream

Originally released on PS4 and Vita about five years ago, Reverie: Sweet As Edition takes the top-down real combat action RPG mechanics of Zelda: A Link To the Past and mixes it with the spritework of Earthbound. Due to the low difficulty, this remains a casual and laid-back experience from beginning to end. 

Playing as a boy that just arrived on an island, it is your job to complete a handful of dungeons and smack monsters with a cricket bat. Not only does it follow the classic Zelda formula almost exactly, it also borrows from its combat and environmental puzzle solving. In time, you’ll collect a yo-yo used for reaching distance objects and used to stun enemies (just like Link’s boomerang), and eventually ge a Nerf gun used to snipe distant targets (just like Link’s bow and arrows), for example. Overall, the island is compact and the dungeons are short and simple. Some might be disappointed with a 4-6 hour run time, but I found this condensed quest to be rather refreshing, enjoyable, and definitely worth a play through. Due to the lower difficulty, this is a basically A Link To the Past on training wheels, which could be more ideal for inexperienced players.  

The Earthbound spritework is also a treat for fans of the 16-bit era but the soundtrack is a little odd. While it isn’t necessarily bad, it doesn’t fit the mood of the game. Thankfully, it is a distraction at most and due to the shorter run time of the dungeons, you won’t be listening to any tune for very long.  

Due to the lower difficulty, the back half starts to see some tedium since you’ll be killing the same enemies that take one or two hits. The reach the cricket bat is a little on the shorter side so it is very possible to take accidental damage. However, enemies often drop pizza slices, the game’s version of health restoring hearts, so the experience remains lax throughout even during boss fights. There are dozens of optional feathers to collect and provide the main reason to explorer every corner of the map. Otherwise, it is possible to complete the game without venturing through all locations.  

Newly included in this Sweet As Edition is a higher difficulty, enhanced framerate, and a new mini game but there is no massive overhaul to the main gameplay and I am perfectly okay with it. If you struggled with A Link To the Past or just wanted to enjoy a pleasant, easy going action RPG, Reverie solidly fits this bill. It isn’t designed to be the next mock 16-bit Zelda, but instead, pays homage and respect to its inspiration.  

Also available on PC, Switch, and PS5.  

SCORE: 8/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief 

Twitter: @ZackGaz 

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