Resolutiion (Switch) Review

Playing as a killer being guided by an AI, Resolutiion is a top down action game surround in mystery. Although the environmental art is strong and there are some cool flourishes, like the blood splattering effect, the gameplay never reaches anything beyond mediocre.

Since the playable character is such a tiny on-screen sprite, the emphasis is placed on navigating a large world outfitted with giant set pieces. This bleak cyberpunk region is the coolest character in the game but venturing through such a wide open space with no direction or environmental clues is tedious and time consuming. The map system is non-informative, so much so that it is a wonder why it was an implemented feature at all. The lack of direction makes aimless wandering empty and uneventful.

Even if there was a better guiding system, each area is often filled with barren spaces and random containers that can be mindlessly destroyed with a few melee attacks. In fact, I found myself taking more damage from exploding containers than from fighting the common enemy.  When enemies do appear, they are usually mindless fodder, the opposite of bosses – bosses can be tricky and employ cheat, annoying tactics. Since there is no leveling or attribute enhancing, combat comes down to the skill of the player. If you die, you simply restart at the last checkpoint and try again.

I feel bad for Resolutiion because the 2D pixel-based visuals are amazing but there just isn’t any exciting or captivating gameplay.  The minimalistic approach went a little too far as there should be more game in this game.

SCORE: 5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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