RedDeerGames sale on Switch eShop – games as low as $0.09!

Until August 26, RedDeerGames is having a huge sale on their library of Switch eShop games. We covered most of their games here at MyGamer so you can learn more about them if you are hesitant on spending your pennies. The only catch is, you need to own one game in their library to activate these deep discounts. Pro Tip – download the FREE Comic Color Book game and you’ll then be eligible. There is also a giftcard giveaway happening too. Cyber Protocol – $0.09 Clumsy Rush – $0.49 OMG Police – $0.49 Nirvana Pilot Yumi – $0.49 Art Sqool – $2.49 Brawl Chess – $2.49 Under Leaves – $3.89 Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia – $3.89
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