Queeny Army (PS4) Review with stream

Queeny Army is another low-cost EastAsiaSoft release that offers short-burst quality entertainment and easily obtainable Trophies. In fact, you’ll earn all the Trophies after finishing the second stage so Platinum hunters should take note.

This action adventure spans six stages and features an all-female cast of Contra-style run-and-gun action.  The action isn’t as fluid as Contra as jumping can be a little unwieldy, some power-ups are very situational, and there is even the occasional blind jump. The close quarters melee attack was also taken directly from Metal Slug but isn’t as consistent or powerful. There are areas where the difficulty is rather high but there are multiple difficulty settings and a decent checkpoint system in place. The ridiculously large roster of playable characters also increases the replay value.

For a five dollar 2D pixel game built around action there sure is a lot of story.  In fact, there is so much story here, something about foster care girls wanting to get revenge, that I just had to press to the skip button just to get into the action.  It is cool that there is lore here but feels unnecessary. At least some quality comic book-style pixel art cutscenes accompany the narrative.

While it has some flaws and is by no means the best run-and-gunner you’ll ever play, it is hard to complain when a game like this carries a low cost, has this much content, and is just over 100mb.  A quality retro throwback.

Also available on PS5 and Switch.

SCORE: 7.5/10

Not As Seasonal As: Savage Halloween
Also Play: Metaloid Origin  
Let’s Hope For: a Mighty Goose sequel  

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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