Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS (PS4) Review with stream

About one year ago, EastAsiaSoft released Pretty Girls Breakers, an Arkanoid/Breakout clone that uses a bat swinging mechanic instead of a flat paddle at the bottom of the screen. This sequel, Pretty Girls Breakers! PLUS, is more of the same. In fact, it is the same only with new, easy Trophies to unlock.

The gimmick behind this single-player Pong clone is using a swinging baseball bat to ricochet the balls upwards towards the destroyable bricks.  The “X” and “O” buttons are used to swing the bat in opposite directions so the player has control of the overall direction. However, precision aiming is nearly impossible so nailing those last couple bricks tucked away in the corner will be a pain. There is a 5-minute time limit but you won’t ever run out of time. Some later stages implement simple enemies that skuttle about, and some hazards appear like rotating sticks, so there some slightly increasing challenge.

Like the other Pretty Girl titles, there other gimmick is, of course, the anime babes. However, here on the Playstation version, the lewd content never reaches anything beyond a PG rating so there is nothing to worry about if you are a streamer. It does, however, have another easy Platinum trophy that takes about 30 minutes to unlock.

The Dressing Room feature, which is also available in most other Pretty Girls titles, serves no purpose. The difference here though, is the player needs to buy each new outfit as opposed to having them just get unlocked naturally as you go.  It is basically the same thing but I guess different background are available this time, which again, doesn’t make a difference.

It tries to mimic the classic Arkanoid gameplay by including power-ups like missiles and super balls, but it never reaches the fun factor of Taito’s classic series. But for a game that only costs a few bucks and has an easy Platinum, there are much worst ways to spend an hour of your gaming time.

Not As Good As: Arkanoid: Doh it Again (SNES) with a co-op partner

SCORE: 5/10

Don’t Forget About: Arkan: The Dog Adventurer

Wait For It: Ping Redux

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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