Pooplers (Switch) Review

Essentially a 4-player, every man for himself, top-down Splatoon, players take control of pooping babies with the goal of smearing the floor with as much as their candy colored feces as possible. Because hey, fart and poop jokes are super fun, right? There is even a fart slider found in the options screen if you wanted to crank the flatulence and to demonstrate this title’s level of maturity.

Perhaps I am overthinking a low-cost downloadable title about “poop,” but no baby, let alone any human, poops the brightly colored reds, blues, and greens found in this game. So the poop, the main selling point of this title, isn’t really poop at all as each skid mark is basically a crayon streak simply used to differentiate one player from another. Also, who constantly poops an intense, oily liquid stream of diarrhea like this? These babies are pooping several times their own body weight and should probably be in the hospital. Nothing about this is realistic making the entire title and premise of the game inaccurate.

If you can look beyond this nitpicky complaint, Pooplers is a decent five minute time waster of a party game if you happen to have three immature friends to play with. Gameplay is really nothing more than crawling on the floor and holding a face button to leave a colored trail behind you. There is an element of strategy involved found in the power-ups and the babysitting Mom.  The power-ups are exactly what you would expect but the Mom mechanic is unique. If Mom sees you pooping on the floor, she will run to you, pick you up, and carry you to your crib which acts as the ultimate time-out punishment.  While you are being carried away, your opponents are free to shart up the place, gaining precious ground. After a couple minutes, the game tallies how much defecation you placed on the floor and the biggest skid wins.

Pooplers is very simple and has limited replay value. Thankfully, there are many stages available, bots fill the empty slots in solo play, and it offers some stupid, mindless fun for a match or two.  At the same time, no matter how you cut it, it is still the same thing over and over.  This is a Mario Party mini game presented as a full game, using fart jokes to do the heavy lifting. You know what you are getting yourself into.

SCORE: 4/10

Not As Good As: Petoons Party (Switch/PS4)
Better Than: Astro Bears Party (Switch eShop)
Wait For It: Super Beat Sports 2

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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