Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em (PS4) Review

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em has a long title, lacks features, and its main gimmick, anime babes in revealing gear, is also in short supply. Little more than a Texas Hold’em sim, there really just isn’t much happening in this low cost digital download.

With a game that emphasizes the pretty girl aspect so strongly, it would be assumed that you would play poker against these nice ladies and perhaps they changes outfits or lose clothing along with each winning hand.  This is not the case.

The player faces three AI controlled opponents but only one of them is the pretty girl. Weirdly enough, the remaining two players can either be an odd cyclops wearing a one-piece skin-tight suit or just some hunky dude. When in play, each opponent is represented by a small circular avatar containing that character’s face. The only time you actually get to see the anime babes is when you take the chips of all three opponents.  This is also weird because you don’t just beat the pretty girl, you might also win against the cyborg cyclops to be awarded a puzzle piece. With tenacity and dedication, defeating all opponents will eventually unlock a picture of the anime babes the game so strongly emphasizes.  In other words, it takes a bit of time to reach the short lived pay off.

In my stream embedded below (YouTube gave me a slap on the hand for posting a stream of this game which is PG-13 rating at the most), it took me about an hour to win one match, rewarding me with one of the four puzzle pieces.  Off-stream, I managed to win the remaining matches and unlock the next stage of stages, aka the next stage of babes.

Like many other EastAsiaSoft titles, this game only costs a few bucks and has some really easy Trophies. Within a couple hours, I managed to snag the Platinum but many can be collected in just a few minutes so Trophy hunters take note.

As for the Texas Hold’em aspect, yeah, it is Hold’em.  The three button interface makes it easy to call, fold, or raise although I did manage to hit the wrong buttons a few times during my stream as you need to hit the triangle button to raise; you cannot move the dial to the right to increase the amount and hit the X button like I assumed. The game loads quickly and the AI also moves fast so there isn’t much downtime waiting for the computer to make their decision. It is unfortunate this is a single player experience as most card games are played best with an opponent sitting right next to you. Each player starts with 100 chips and the game is over when one player collects them all. There are no options to adjust AI difficulty, create an avatar, play online, there are no leaderboards, and there is no option to change the visual style of the decks or even the background. There are actually no options whatsoever making this a rather restrictive experience. Perhaps the biggest disappointment is the lack of a save feature. Let’s say you are thirty minutes into a match and need to leave; there is no option to save and return later.

Sure you play against a pretty girl but it doesn’t mean much when the only thing you see is a tiny circle of the lady’s face. As an anime babe sim, it is pretty lacking. As a Hold’em sim, it is also pretty lacking.  But as an easy way to obtain Trophies with lost cost if that is your thing.

Also available on Nintendo Switch.

SCORE: 4/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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