Peppa Pig: World Traveler (XSX) Review with stream

Peppa Pig: World Traveler is the latest young gamer-based title by Outright Games. While it has a lot in common with the first Peppa Pig title, the earliest of players will probably enjoy playing this with a parent at their side because it is just like playing an episode of the cartoon. 

After a very simple create-your-character feature, you play as the new neighbor. Peppa and her family welcome you to town and then invite you on a trip around the world. It is an easy-to-follow concept and gameplay loop even if it is a little generically stereotypical such as Americans like big Hollywood movies and people in Barcelona play soccer all day. 

Only the analog stick and the “A” button is used so the youngest of players should have no trouble interacting with what is happening on screen. Movement is also locked to a linear 2D plane so there is no way to get lost but there is a bit of freedom since players can move about the town/house area but then hop on the ship to sail the world when ready. It is basically an adventure game and nothing is time or reaction based so there isn’t any way to fail or lose. 

From an adult’s perspective, I have a few issues with the game even though I know it is designed for 3-7 year old kids.  First are the load times. There is a loading screen at every screen transition which gets annoying and think it will drain the patience of young players. Further, before gameplay begins, the player needs to sit through so many opening logos and more loading – something I again think young players will find the most annoying. The playable character also moves very slowly, and most screens are large. A sprint button would have made the experience much more playable, but to be fair, young players might not have the finger dexterity of holding a button to run faster.

Finally, and this is probably the grumpy old man in me, the entire concept of traveling the world is very misleading to the young player. Peppa Pig is basically telling kids it is okay to travel the world with a complete stranger you literally just met one minute ago. Traveling by ship can also take weeks to make it your destination and there is no concept of cost involved. Here, everyone is happy to instantly transport you to Europe and there is no sense of danger. Your parents probably taught you to not talk to strangers and especially do not get in a vehicle with them. However, this is literally the first thing Peppa Pig does. I get it. It is a game for kids. But something about the overall messaging isn’t presented in the best way possible. At least most of the Achievements can be earned in about an hour if you speed run and skip all the dialog so Gamerscore hunters might want to take note.

Since the game is designed around easy-going, gameplay in which there is no way to lose, it makes for a solid young child game. Fans of the show will probably enjoy having the ability to play an episode of the TV show since it looks and feels just like it, but sensitive parents might want to sit and explain to their kids that traveling the world isn’t as simple and rosy as the game makes it out to be.

SCORE: 6/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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