No Gravity Games giving away free Switch games for a week (again)

A thrilling event for all horror game enthusiasts! Get ready for a week-long extravaganza of spine-chilling fun during the month of May.

Next week, on each day (from Monday to Friday), we will be giving away a terrifying horror game to participants, absolutely free on Nintendo Switch! From survival horror to psychological horror, action horror to supernatural scares, you’ll have a chance to unlock a different horror game each day. But here’s the catch – you’ll need to have the previous day’s game to qualify for the next day’s giveaway, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the event!

To claim the first horror game you need to own ANY GAME from the No Gravity Games portfolio – it’s that simple!

The rules are simple – if you have any of the No Gravity Games titles on your switch, and have the US region Account and not age-locked (because some of the games might have a higher age rating) – you are eligible to start getting free titles daily from 05/22/2023-05/26/2023.

There is only one key thing you need in order to qualify for this deal. Anyone who currently owns a title from No Gravity Games can start grabbing the free titles as and when they become available.

So YES! – if you already have any of title from our portfolio in your library you’ll be able to start getting free games when the Event launches, on the 22nd of May!

You’ll need to be careful though. If you forget to redeem one of the free titles, you won’t be eligible for the rest. The next titles in the lineup for the event will be available for free for users who have the previous ones added to their accounts!

The first free game from the lineup will be PANDEMIC SHOOTER!

This giveaway will be taking place throughout America. Each title in the giveaway will also be greatly discounted on the next day. Remember, if you have missed out on a day, you can always purchase the most current game in order to continue your streak of free titles.

There are 4 more games to discover during the Event!

The games change daily from 22nd to 26th of May and will be revealed on the Event Landing Page at 0:00 GMT-5 / 9:00 AM CET every day with Grand Finale Game reveal on the 05/26/2022.

Each game will be available for 24h for you to claim it.

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