NEWS – Snakebyte just announced two new headsets – one for PS4 and one for X1

snakebyte announced the shipping of the HEAD:SET 4 PRO and HEAD:SET X PRO, two new headsets which strive to deliver best-in-class audio without the high price point typically associated with high-end gaming headsets.

Announced in early 2019, the new headsets are shipping now across North America and selected European territories.

Rarely found in this price category, the advanced 50mm Neodymium Audio Drivers reproduce every explosion, shot or team chat with pin-sharp clarity, essential for gaining the winning edge. Holding the drivers in place, the deep padded earcups are magnetically attached to the headband, ideal for easy washing and interchangeable should gamers wish to replace in the future. In addition, the earcups are engineered from memory foam and feature passive noise cancellation technology, effectively blocking outside distractions. Additional earcups are also provided in the pack, enhancing longevity even further.

The HEAD:SET X PRO is designed for Xbox gamers, finished in a striking green colour scheme, while the HEAD:SET 4 PRO is finished in deep blue, perfectly complementing PlayStation 4 hardware and accessories. Featuring a plug-and-play design, both headsets connect via a generous two-metre, wired 3.5mm connection. In addition, the headsets feature an in-line remote control, allowing for easy adjustment of volume and chat levels. Lastly, a headset hook is included for attractive and convenient storage when not in use.

Marc-Alexander Knipschild, Head of Marketing for snakebyte commented, “The audio category is fiercely competitive with many gaming headsets vying for attention. In order to disrupt the sector, we’ve focused on quality and value, two qualities at the top of every gamers’ list. We’re confident there isn’t a gaming headset available that offers comparable features and the rich audio delivered by the HEAD:SET PRO range and we think this will enable us to stand out at retail and build our market share in the audio category.”

The new snakebyte HEAD:SET X PRO and HEAD:SET 4 PRO are both available from all leading gaming retailers.

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