NEWS – Playerless: One Button Adventure trailer here

Playerless: One Button Adventure is an indie adventure game set in another game. As the creators of the original arcade abandoned it, the NPCs have developed self-awareness and brought chaos into the digital world. It’s up to the player to help the Debug Unit fix it all. But there is one catch – there is exactly one button, that is still functioning. The quirky controls based on either holding or tapping it are adding another level of fun to the gripping story, smart puzzles and witty dialogues of Playerless.

Today we’d like to present a brand new gameplay trailer. It portrays locations from all three Acts, including some of the more complex puzzles and lots of (totally intentional!) glitches. The main purpose of the trailer is to introduce the unique low-poly art style of the game – with all the diversity of it, from colorful farms to eerie mines. It gives you a taste of what you can expect from the great adventure awaiting the Debug Unit and its human Navigator.

Playerless: One Button Adventure in a nutshell:

  • An indie adventure game set in another game

  • A story-driven partnership between the player and Debug Unit

  • One-Button Controls based on tapping or holding the chosen button

  • Humorous setting with witty dialogues and intentional glitches

  • Unique, low-poly graphics

  • A deep and thoughtful story set in a cute-looking setting

  • Developer/Publisher: Moonlit


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