NEWS – Pilot Sports is basically a new Pilot Wings and is now available on Xbox One and PC

Pilot Sports is launching today on Xbox OneMicrosoft Windows Store and Steam today, July 31st. The retro-casual flying game inspired by Nintendo’s 16 and 64-bit classics such as Pilotwings or even the more recent release on the 3DS called Pilotwings Resort. Play solo or cozy up with friends for a local multiplayer party of up to four players.

The game released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 earlier last year in collaboration with their publishing partner Wild River.
Here is what the developers have to say:
“Pilot Sports is a funny flying simulation game perfect for every age, and allowing players a chance to compete with each other, makes for an even more enjoyable experience. We are proud to have developed this game, and even more excited now to be releasing our game on both Steam PC and Xbox One, allowing us to simultaneously introduce Pilot Sports to new audiences seeking retro-inspired and or family friendly games.” – Andreas Heldt, Head of Z-Software GmbH.
About the Game
Make your dream of flying a reality with the help of Pilot Sports. The game also has a cartoony feel which appeals to a wide array of players in different age groups. This game is for anyone who’s a flying game enthusiast or parents seeking a game that can offer a family-friendly multiplayer experience with their kiddos.Players can ascend into the tropical atmosphere, perfect their flying skills with a parachute, airplane, two types of hang gliders in addition to jetpack versions. Enjoy the challenge of more than five fun obstacle courses or seven other kinds of challenges. If you aren’t the solo type, grab some friends for a local couch co-op party and have a great time!

Key features:
– More than 50 courses
– Diverse aircraft: different airplanes, jetpacks, hang gliders and a parachute
– Seven different types of challenges
– BONUS: Unlockable courses to explore the tropical island where the game takes place
– Eight playable characters
– A party game for every type of player

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