NEWS – Alien Escape Switch trailer

Alien Escape was released on July 12th for Nintendo Switch, and it will be released on July 19th on Steam.

A quick summary: Timmy and his alien friends are in the mood to party as they fly over various planets. Unfortunately, they run out of fuel on the way, causing them to crash land and seek help in a dark castle – the only building far and wide…

Alien Escape brings you tough puzzles to solve by manipulating gravity in over 70 different levels.

NoFuel is a one man studio, founded by Kim Seitner. Since 2015, Kim is developing smaller games. He is specialized in 2D platformer games in which every single asset is handmade by himself. Since this time, he has made a bit of fame as experienced pixel artist and is getting more and more followers.

Korion Games is an independent developer and publisher for PC, consoles and mobile platforms. Their strengths lie in strategy games and platformers and in porting games to consoles. Since 2013 the company is active in providing games for entertainment and education and particularly experienced in performance-oriented development in Unity.

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