NEWS – A Bunch of Random Stuff Going On

In no particular order, here is some new gaming news:

PS3 owners should check out the PSN as many of the PixelJunk games are being sold for only a buck.  Also, Uncharted 2 players will be happy to know that DLC for the game is now being offered for free.  This includes some new skins and a multiplayer map pack.  Since Uncharted 3 has been released for many months now, I am not sure how many people are actually still playing Uncharted 2 but it I think it is a great way for a developer/publisher to give a game one last push.  I have not played Uncharted 2 since I finished it when it was first released, but I am also inclined to pop it in again just to check out this free DLC I downloaded… almost.

There is quite a bit of news regarding Nintendo.  First, the price of the DSi is dropping to $99 and the DSiXL will be $129.  In all honesty, I was wondering why Nintendo did not do this sooner as a 3DS was the same price as a DSiXL ever since the 3DS’ price was reduced.  I would image that a Wii price drop will also be coming soon given that E3 announcements are coming soon.  Hell, that could very well be one of the highlighting news tidbits they announced at E3 this year.

Also, I am sure Nintendo is seeing to fill a hole in their software lineup while they wait for the WiiU launch.  So at an attempt to plug this gap they are releasing the Gamecube game Pikmin 2 implemented with new motion controls.   Not that Pikmin 1 was a bad game, but Pikmin 2 was much better mostly due to the elimination of the time limit.  Mario Power Tennis, another Gamecube title, is also being re-released for the Wii and both games will sell for $20.  I personally do not like Mario Power Tennis because the super powers completely throw off the game’s balance and easily becomes annoying rather than fun, but this game could be a good tie-in for the soon to be released 3DS Mario Tennis Open.  Pikmin 2, however, is a great game that should not be missed.


The incredibly difficult Donkey Kong Country Returns will also be dropping in price to $30.  The same goes for Smash Bros Brawl.  Kirby’s Dreamland 2 will also be released on the 3DS Virtual Console this week as well.

Finally, there are also rumors that Gamestops are going to be phasing out PSP UMDs.  While I noticed price drops months ago, this could be a killer time to fill out your PSP library.  Finding Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for $10 was quite a deal.


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