NEWS – MetaKnight Banned From Smash Bros. Brawl

The masses have spoken.  Professional gaming tourneys have banned the use of MetaKnight due to unfair advantages.

Although not fully broken, a decent player can dominate the edge of any stage with his speed and power.  I guess there was too much cherry picking going on.

I find this interesting as a game of this caliber goes through rigorous testing and development to balance the gameplay so avoid issues like this.  But seeing that the game has now been out for quite a while, players have had much more time to find the nitpicky issues and flaws in the overall design.

This also brings up another point that I would like to make regarding the original Smash Bros on N64.  Kirby had a one hit kill move that was by far the cheapest move in the game.  No matter what hit percentage the opponent was at, Kirby can do his “downward spiral” jump kick move and instantly smash any player straight down with great force.  Given that I mostly played this game with my brother who continually spammed this unbalanced move, I probably died from this attack more than anything else.  While Kirby is a versatile character to begin with, because he can absorb the special attack from each character, this one move made him greatly unbalanced.  However, there were no news stories of banner Kirby from the original game.  But to be fair, pro gaming tourneys were not as popular as they are today.

…but just so long as they don’t remove my C.Falcon, I am cool with it.

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